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Mostly True Tales

25 February 1979
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I was born during an ice storm and full eclipse of the sun. I have since failed utterly to live up to the portents I was born under, but I've had a pretty good time doing so. I write and I draw; the former being mainly speculative fiction and the latter being mainly pen and ink. I live in Chicago and love it, but wish I was closer to the Lake. But then, doesn't everybody wish that?

If you want to Friend me, go right ahead and don't bother asking. This is a public forum. I mean, hello, it's the internet! It is not private! Why ask permission to read something that's being publicly posted? So go ahead and Friend me if you want. If you decide I'm a rampaging ass, go ahead and unfriend me. Don't bother posting about it or apologizing or anything, just... unfriend. It's that easy. I probably won't notice. I promise not to be upset.

If I look (sound? read?) vagually familiar but you just can't place me, you might know me from SomethingAwful, Portal of Evil, TMoL, or Iron Circus. I also have accounts on Blogspot, deviantart, and ElfWood but update those about as often as I ride flying pigs. I used to role play in BeSeen chat rooms and in PJJ chatrooms as well.

I do not use cuts unless I'm posting a meme thing or a large image or a very long piece of fiction. I tend to write long. Feel free to skim long posts, but please don't ask me cut them.

If you're wondering why I friended YOU, there's many possible answers:
1) I saw you on somebody else's Flist or comments, read your stuff, and liked it
2) I did a LJ random search, you came up, I read your stuff, and liked it
3) I followed a link from someplace
4) We belong to the same community, I saw your posts, and read your journal and liked it
5) I'm a crazy stalker out to get you

If you friend me and it's not immediately obvious how you came upon my journal (IE, we have no friends or communities in common), please tell me how you found my journal. Especially if you have no posts (or no public posts) in your own journal. Satisfy my curiosity, ok? Just leave a comment on any entry I've made introducing yourself. Hell, feel free to do this even if it's really obvious where I'd know you from.

My interests are intentionally left blank, but you can probably get a pretty good handle on what I'm interested in by reading a few of my posts and looking at my tags.

Quoting/linking policy:
This has come up a few times. People have asked if they can quote me in personal blog posts, in communities, metaquotes, whatever. The answer is yes, as long as it's a public post... and most of my posts are public. Please provide a link back to where you got it from (my journal/blog, the community it was posted in, etc). If it's a locked post, I ask that you contact me first.

I know there are some people I know IRL who comment on here without accounts. Sorry, folks. Please feel free to either email me, or comment on my wordpress or DW. I've been getting ridiculous amounts of spam, and some really ugly trolls as well, so only people with LJ accounts can reply.

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I use LunarPages for my web hosting, and have for several years. They are an excellent company who provide a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. Check them out!

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